Motivate Weight Loss Through Sponsors!

Weight loss is hard.

Like everyone else on that incredulous scale of managing weight, I fight pretty hard to try and balance exercise and diet with everyday life! Often times I found myself on the losing end of fighting off that savory temptation of eating some decadent food that’s deemed unhealthy for everyday diet. Not to go off topic, but imagine a freshly made, warm to the touch Krispy Kreme glazed donut. Now imagine a dozen of them...

Sorry. I didn’t mean to digress.

Sticking with the premise of losing weight, the task itself needs motivation, and with Pledgerunner, I thought that if people were given a way to sponsor every pound lost, while being accountable (by using a fitness app or wearable) - it could be encouraging and uplifting!

Besides the obvious, how do you lose weight with your wearable or fitness app?

On Pledgerunner, charities can create specialized fundraisers called Weight Loss Challenge Events, which encourage participants to lose weight to support their cause. In addition to losing weight, the participant must also meet the challenge of tracking their distance used to help their weight loss. Usually, this distance is as great as 50 kilometers or more, encouraging the participant to go the distance as often as they can to lose weight and support their pledge.

Participants have the luxury of syncing their activity to Pledgerunner at anytime, to honor their pledge and meet the required distance.

All of this is baked into Pledgerunner, and charities can switch from building basic fundraising events (like a walk-a-thon or virtual marathon) to creating weight loss challenges seamlessly.

Participants can post their weight loss accomplishment on their Pledgerunner dashboard and sponsors can support their effort by sponsoring per pound lost or select a set amount of pounds they would like to sponsor.

What's the big picture benefit?

Losing weight is an incredibly hard process, especially when you have a busy lifestyle. By adding an extra layer of motivation to the effort of weight loss, individuals can make the attempt to lose weight and help a cause at the same time. It’s time to try a different type of fundraising platform that pushes individuals to focus on healthy living and exercise that can benefit others in the process. Live longer and help others - or better said, care, actively! By adding this weight loss feature to Pledgerunner, the goal was to look at how we use fitness technologies to benefit ourselves and translate that into benefiting causes.

And to be more candid, I selfishly wanted a reason to push me to lose weight, and this was the great motivator to keep me on track - and away from those damn mouthwatering donuts!

John Eric Arterberry
Founder, Developer and Designer

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