I became more hopeful...

Pledgerunner was founded on the inspiration to help others in need of shelter and food, because I unfortunately experienced that need - not once - but twice in my life.

How does one become homeless twice in their lifetime? There's no magic formula, or some secret recipe to make your life an unbearable hell. You just have to be at the wrong place at the right time. Fortunately, a close friend reached out to help me and gave me an opportunity to get back on track, but that was all wishful thinking. In less than two years, I found myself back on the streets, with even less than what I had the first time I was homeless.

Being homeless again changed everything. This was my second strike and I didn't want to end this game of life so early, so I brushed myself off, I accepted the advice of friends and family, and I grounded myself. In the process, I became more hopeful, I began to care more for myself and others, and I focused on my passions, one of which was technology.

But most of all - I was tired of being a statistic...I knew there was something better for me.

Now after many years in technology - from QA to Software Engineer in Test - I've come full circle. I've taken all that I know in web application development and I decided to return the favor to those who offered their charitable hand to me during my time of need. Now I can give back, by using what I've learned to make something good, something positive, to share with everyone who would like to help those who could really use a helping hand.

So I built Pledgerunner.

I admired the effort of those who pledged in walkathons and marathons, and I discovered that these donations only occur at certain times during the year. And these special events usually have an impact during the time of the event, and then the notion fades away until the next one rolls around. The process seems to be the same, and often costly, for both participants and fundraisers.

So I asked myself, what if this could be made differently? Could this activity be done anywhere? Could donors and sponsors do this at any time? Can donations be ongoing, and can something like an activity fundraiser have a constant interest, and encourage altruism into our everyday lives? I believe Pledgerunner can answer those questions.

So in all, Pledgerunner is my way of giving back, and I hope that this will make a difference for many lives, starting today and long into tommorow.


John Eric Arterberry
Founder, Developer and Designer

What's Next?