Rethinking School Fundraisers.

Not that long ago...

As a child, I have fond memories of going from house to house, pitching the story that buying some chocolate candy bars will help my school in spades. And if I were lucky, I’d find that one neighbor who had a soft spot for me on those early Saturday mornings, and get at least two candy bars sold!

Those were the days.

I guess the days never ended, because after becoming a parent, I ended up bringing catalogs to work, walking the cubicles sharing the same pitch by proxy for my daughter, who just by coincidence was supporting the same school, and oddly enough, the same kind of fundraiser I thought I successfully conquered so many years ago.

What can we do differently?

Schools will always have fundraisers, from bake sales to car washes, to whatever will help raise needed funds, but could we create an ongoing fundraiser that students, parents and faculty can opt-in to support?

Imagine a fundraiser that's ongoing throughout the school year!

Since nearly every student has a smartphone, why not leverage fitness apps to track activity that can be sponsored?

Without invading a student's privacy, a student can use applications like GoogleFit or Apple HealthKit, Moves or RunKeeper to passively track their activity throughout the day, syncing that activity to Pledgerunner.

Students can then share their individual Pledgerunner pages with friends and family, and sponsors can support their school fundraiser by sponsoring the distance the student tracked! Sponsors can do this anytime and often for the life of the fundraiser!

All the while, students are doing an activity, benefiting their health, and using that fundamental need to help their school!

Now imagine doing this type of fundraiser during a field trip, or during a sports activity - the ideas are limtless!!!

And the school benefits by collecting 100% of the funds raised!

The goal of Pledgerunner is to create unique ways to rasie funds for charities and schools. Because schools set the foundation for many lives, each and every fund raised by schools of any type, are provided 100% of the amount raised.

Schools are just one of many ways where Pledgerunner can support healthy activities and fundraising. Take a moment to review how Pledgerunner works for everyone!

John Eric Arterberry
Founder, Developer and Designer

GoogleFit, Apple HealthKit, Moves and Runkeeper do not publicly endorse, and are not affilated with Pledgerunner, LLC.
Pledgerunner integrates some of these technologies with its services and this article is an informational blog post.

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