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    Donations are tax deductible,
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  • What is a Sponsor?

    A sponsor is a friend, family member, business or organization who would like to fund the cause that an active Pledgerunner participant is supporting. The Pledgerunner participant is committing their activity to support a cause, and the sponsor finances their effort with a donation.

  • How much does it cost?

    Everyone can make a donation without a fee, and all donations are displayed with our real-time transparancy so you can see exactly how much of your donation will go towards the charity fundraiser!
    Sponsors can donate as little as .25 cents per activity, and we offer a variety of sponsorship activities: from miles travelled to weight loss, and more!

  • Is my donation tax deductible?

    Yes it is! You can print out your financial transactions and itemize your donations for your tax purposes, anytime.


  • US & Canada
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    Go with the crowd or go solo!
    The choice is yours.
  • What is a Participant?

    A participant is someone who uses their fitness app or wearable device to track and donate their fitness activity to support a fundraiser on Pledgerunner. The participant can sponsor themselves or use Pledgerunner’s crowd sponsored platform to let friends, family members, individuals or businesses sponsor their activity (see Sponsors).

  • How much does it cost?

    There is no cost! Simply make a pledge, donate your activity and complete your pledge. Pledgerunner will promote your accomplishment to gather sponsors. You can also help the effort by sharing your pledge through your social network.
    You can even sponsor yourself, for as little as .25 cents per activity.


  • US & Canada
    To Join & Setup

    2.9% + .30 cents . For credit card transactions
  • What is a Fundraiser?

    A fundraiser is an individual or organization actively campaigning financial support for their cause or need. On Pledgerunner, this campaign is a virtual marathon, with a set financial goal, designed to support activity provided by participants and financial support from sponsors.

  • How much does it cost?

    There is no cost or fee to setup!
    All non-profit and charity fundraisers receive nearly *97% of all funds raised. The 2.9% + 30. cent fee is standard for all U.S. and Canada credit card processing services.

    *Smaller donations (for example, $25 or less) can result in a percentage of 96% or lower.

  • Are school fundraisers free?

    Yes they are!
    Fundraisers for schools, colleges and universities, are exempt of any credit card processing fee's. Let us know, and we will ensure that your place of education receives 100% of your funds raised through our direct reimbursement.

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