Build A Marathon Fundraiser For Anyplace, Anytime & Any Activity.

For most charities, especially small to mid-sized, the possibility of raising funds through marathons, bike-a-thons, and walk-a-thons are expensive due to overhead costs and administrative needs.

With Pledgerunner, charities, schools and nonprofits of any size can create an activity based fundraiser without the pricey overhead costs. In the process, these fundraisers can also leverage current technology to promote awareness of their cause.

Are people using wearables and fitness apps?

A forecast on wearable technology states that by *2018, 112 million units of wearable technology will be sold to consumers. And since **2014, 46 million people actively use fitness apps to quantify their activities. Pledgerunner offers these consumers a way to use this fitness data to help raise money.

In a nutshell, people donate their activity - and people can sponsor that activity!

What can we do differently?

Using our simple tools to create a crowdfunding campaign, you can define unique, "activity-based" fundraisers to support your cause. You can create weight loss challenges or dance-a-thons, all from our platform - allowing people to connect and support your goals using their fitness data.

Minimal costs!

Outside of credit card transactions, all funds raised are provided to the charity fundraiser. There are no fees. And the sponsors are provided this level of transparency when they support your cause.

Simple to build. Ready in minutes.

Our goal is to make this simple to use and easy to manage, for all charities. Just add your mission statement, your Youtube Video and you are up and running a campaign in minutes.

With Pledgerunner, you can create unique ways to rasie funds for charities, nonprofits and schools. Join us today and start running your own marathon campaign!

John Eric Arterberry
Founder, Developer and Designer

*Statista: Wearable Technology Forecast / **Mobile Health News: Fitness Apps

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