What Is Pledgerunner?

Pledgerunner is a fundraising platform that uses smart devices and fitness apps to help raise money for causes.

Care, actively, by using fitness technology you're already familiar with. Simply sync your activity to Pledgerunner to help charities raise funds through sponsors using our crowdfunding platform.

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Learn how to use fitness technology to care, actively.

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Create a unique fundraiser based on fitness and activities. Perfect for schools, since school fundraisers on Pledgerunner are 100% free!

Raise funds by losing pounds for charities using our weight loss challenges that encourage fitness, diet and most of all, philanthropy!

Use any activity to support a cause. This is your You-A-Thon based around what you do and what you care about - anytime, anyplace!

The Best Thing We Saw At OneSpark 2015!


OneSpark 2015

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"...a new way to apply crowdfunding to Philanthropy."

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